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Webb Chapel's office staff consists of an administrative assistant and a receptionist/secretary. Together, they work to support the ministers, elders, deacons, and congregation.


Webb Chapel Staff


Susie MeyerSusie Meyer
Administrative Assistant

Susie Meyer has worked at Webb Chapel since August 2002 after coming to Webb Chapel with her family in 1983. Susie serves as Finance Secretary and Membership Secretary while also providing support for the congregation’s media needs and for other areas. Susie and her husband Duane were married July 3, 1976, and are the parents of Amanda and Jake.

Susie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in French and English at East Texas State University, now Texas A & M University at Commerce. After teaching junior high and high school classes for several years, she worked as a copy editor on technical papers. Susie taught children’s Bible classes for several years, beginning when she was in high school. She also taught a monthly class on writing curriculum and organizing Bible class lessons for wives of students in the Preston Road School of Preaching, also coordinating weekly work sessions at her home for the wives to prepare visuals for their own use when their husbands graduated and began preaching. Her class entitled “Visuals at Your Fingertips,” prepared for delivery at teacher workshops, was a quick reference on sources of ideas for visuals, organization plans for visuals, and general tips on teaching.



Maricela ObiedoMaricela Obiedo
Receptionist & Secretary

Maricela and her husband Ermilo came to Webb Chapel in 2005. After studying with Henry, they both were baptized into Christ on January 22, 2006. Both Ermilo and Maricela immediately became very active with the Hispanic members. They are the parents of Anthony and Rebecca. Both Maricela and Ermilo are native Texans. They met when she was a receptionist at a radio station where Ermilo worked. Ermilo continues to work in radio and helps with Our Planet Live.

Maricela serves as Receptionist. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.