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At times, Webb Chapel is in need of guest speakers to fill the pulpit when our Senior Minister is out of town or when we have special seminars and presentations. We are blessed to have several who are willing to fill the pulpit on those occasions. The following men are among those who have been called upon to share their talents in the pulpit at Webb Chapel, and we are grateful for their service. If you wish to know more about any one of them, their biographical information is given below, and some of their presentations have been archived for your listening. We know that you will be blessed by each one.


Bert Alexander Greg Hargis John Scott
Lyle Asbill Grant Hill Steve Steele
David Bates Sokhom Hun Don Umphrey
Thaddeus Bruno Galon Jones Ray Wells
Herman Cain Mike Meirerhofer Charles White
Hai Cao Bob Nienstadt Doug White
Dan Coker Henry Roncancio  
Steve Eckman Mike Salinas  


Guest Speaker Profiles

Most of our guest speakers have profiles below. if you don't find the person you are looking for, check back soon. We are always adding more content! You can also contact the webmaster.

Bert AlexanderBert Alexander

Bert is the Family Life Minister at Webb Chapel. Read more about him on our Minister page.



February 28, 2010 PM Self-Emptying Practices of Jesus Philippians 2:5-11
April 18, 2010 AM Living "Mary" in a "Martha" World Luke 10:38
May 30, 2010 AM Memorials Joshua 3-4
August 1, 2010 AM Worry & Its Alternatives Matthew 6:25
April 10, 2011 PM Hear O Isreal Deuteronomy 6:4-9
April 15, 2012 AM Holiness & Integrity Leviticus 19:2
April 14, 2013 PM Nehemiah: God's Leader Nehemiah 1:1-11
November 3, 2013 AM The Faithfulness of Joshua  



Lyle Asbill

Lyle was the pulpit minister for the Grapevine Church of Christ. He and his wife, Carrie, served at Grapevine for more than 10 years before moving to Naples, Florida. Lyle and Carrie have been married over 20 years and have two children, Christian and Baylee. (bio from the Grapevine Church of Christ website)

August 12, 2007 PM Sneeches on the Beaches



David Bates



June 6, 2010 PM I'm Not What I Once Was Philippians 3:4
October 30, 2011 PM One Another Means You and Me  
January 15, 2012 PM Peace! Be Strong Now, Be Strong! Daniel 10
May 27, 2012 AM Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye 2 Peter 1:5-9
May 26, 2013 AM Who Am I? Exodus 3, Judges 6 & 1 Samuel 16
November 10, 2013 AM Comfortable or Comforted?  
April 6, 2014 AM Have You Had Enough Yet? John 14:15-21
June 1, 2014 AM Truth For Change Matthew 14:25-34
October 12, 2014 AM Grumble! Grumble! Grumble! Matthew 5:11 & Philippians 2:14



Thaddeus Bruno



October 21, 2012 AM Lesson From Nehemiah



Herman CainHerman Cain

Herman Cain retired after many years of preaching. Herman and his wife Tommie have been at Webb Chapel since 2006.


December 27, 2009 AM Examining Ourselves I Corinthians 11:28
April 11, 2010 AM Joy Stealers Philippians
June 6, 2010 AM The Pillar and Ground of the Truth I Timothy 3:14-15
October 10, 2010 AM Sin & Salvation Romans 3:21-24 & John 1:5-10
April 8, 2012 AM Friday - Sunday is Coming John 20:1-18
November 24, 2013 AM Thankfulness  



Hai CaoHai Cao

Hai is the Youth Minister at Webb Chapel. You can read more about him on the Minister page.



March 28, 2010 PM Bull's Eye Living — Part I Ephesians 2:10
April 4, 2010 PM Bull's Eye Living — Part II Ephesians 2:10
October 27, 2013 AM Distractions Nehemiah 4-6



Dan CokerDan Coker

As a veteran missionary to Latin America, Dan is considered an outstanding university professor of Bible, missions, Latin American history, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. He and his wife Elise have been resident missionaries in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico & Uruguay. Dan holds BA and MA degrees in Biblical studies from ACU and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida. His doctoral dissertation addresses the dynamics involved in teaching the Gospel in multicultural societies. Dan and his wife, Elise, currently worship at the North Davis congregation in Arlington. They are the parents of two daughters. Dan has devoted his life to evangelizing Latin America. He served as Program Coordinator for the Ministry of Education in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Professor of International Development Education at the University of Southern Florida; Director of the Baxter Institute of Biblical and Philosophical Studies in Mexico; and Professor of Bible and Cultural Anthropology at ACU. Since 2004, he has been Executive Director of Instituto Latino Americano De Estudios Biblicos (ILEB International) located in Toluca, Mexico. Dan has been a campaign speaker in every Spanish‐speaking country in the Western Hemisphere. He also is a staff writer for the Spanish version of Christian Chronicle, Cronica Cristiana.

August 23, 2009 AM Missionary To Latin America



Steve EckmanSteve Eckman

Steve Eckman is the current President of York College. Chairman of the YC board of trustees (and former WCCC Elder & member) H. Jarrell Gibbs said, “It is exciting to have such a godly man, who brings many years of successful service in Christian college education. As a graduate and former staff member of the college, Steve’s love and understanding of this great institution makes him a wonderful choice.”

Steve and his wife LaRee both graduated from York College in 1971 and they have 2 grown sons. Dr. Eckman started his career as director of admissions and financial aid at York College in the 1970s. He later served in a variety of roles with Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas. His positions at LCU included director of admissions, director of financial aid, dean of students, director of institutional effectiveness and planning, and associate professor of Bible. President Eckman has also served as senior grant administrator for the J.F. Maddox Foundation. He holds a Doctor of Ministry and has completed a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Biblical Studies degree from Abilene Christian University. He has also completed additional coursework in higher education administration from Texas Tech University. (picture and bio compiled from the York College website)

January 23, 2011 AM Unless a Seed Falls & Dies, It Is Just a Seed John 12



Greg HargisGreg Hargis

Greg is an elder at Webb Chapel. You can learn more abut him on our Elders page.



July 18, 2010 PM The Gospel in Song
October 13, 2013 AM Righteousness of The Pharisees



Grant Hill


September 11, 2011 PM My Story



Sokhom HunSokhum Hun

Sokhom Hun is a member and former elder of the Cambodian Church of Christ in Dallas. Sokhom was born in Cambodia in 1957 and spent the early years of his life there with his parents, two brothers, and six sisters. By 1970, the Khmer Rouge controlled most of Cambodia through torture, intimidation, and untold atrocities. For more than ten years, Sokhom struggled to stay alive through torture, forced labor, malnutrition, malaria, and other diseases. He witnessed the torture and execution of his father and 15 other family members as well as many of his friends. This time in Cambodia became known as the “killing fields.” In 1979, he met the young woman who was to become his wife, Phaline. They fled to a United Nations refugee camp across the border in Thailand and from there were taken to a refugee camp in the Philippines.

Sokhom, Phaline, and their baby daughter arrived at DFW in 1981 and were placed in apartments in East Dallas. They met Pat Brooks, minister of what was then the Highland Park Church of Christ. The congregation opened their arms to the Cambodians, and in June 1983, many of the Cambodians, including Sokhom & Phaline, were baptized. In the following years, Sokhom established the Cambodian Church of Christ which now meets in Balch Springs. Since 2005, he has focused his efforts on reaching the lost in his home country, making several mission trips to Cambodia, raising funds for various humanitarian needs there, conducting leadership training, and continually assisting wherever needed. He and Phaline now have a burning desire to work full time for the Lord in Cambodia. Please offer a prayer of thanks for Sokhom, Phaline, their daughters Sophadavy and Melinda, and their son Matthew.

September 20, 2009 AM Sokhom Hun Tells His Story



Galon Jones



October 20, 2013 AM Life Before The Fall



Mike Meierhofer



October 13, 2013 PM Study of the 23rd Psalm Psalm 23



Bob Nienstadt

Bob is an elder at Webb Chapel. You can learn more abut him on our Elders page.


April 10, 2011 AM Bridge Over Troubled Waters Numbers 20:1-13
January, 29, 2012 AM The Church is Not Harmful To Your Health 1 Timothy 3:15
September 30, 2012 AM Jesus Cares About You John 21
April 7, 2013 AM A Ditch Digger's Faith  
October 6, 2013 AM I Look Like That?  



Henry RoncancioHenry Roncancio

Henry is our Webb Chapel's Cross-Cultural Minister. Read more about him on our Minister Page.

December 13, 2009 AM Living Hope  
April 25, 2010 PM Fundamentals of Evangelism  
October 3, 2010 AM Truth Shall Set You Free John 8:32
April 17, 2011 AM Evangelism  
October 7, 2012 AM Restoring The Heartbeat of The First Century Church Matthew 28:18-20
April 14, 2013 AM We Need A Restored Picture Acts 4:12
September 29, 2013 AM In The World but Not of The World John 17:15-16



Mike Salinas



February 16, 2014 AM The Sovereignty Of God Matthew 2:13



John Scott



June 23, 2013 AM 7 Lessons From The Greatest Generation Gen. 17:16-18



Steve Steele

Steve is an elder at Webb Chapel. You can learn more abut him on our Elders page.


May 30, 2010 PM Practicality of Christianity Acts 3:11 & James 4:7
November 17, 2013 AM What Works and What Doesn't Work Ecclesiastes 7:13 & 1 Timothy 3:1
April 13, 2014 AM In Defense of Jesus John, Mark, Revelation
June 8, 2014 AM Were Supposed to Forgive Each Other 1 Peter 3:15 & Colossians 4:6


Don UmphreyDon Umphrey

Don & his wife Kim are members at Presoncrest church of Christ and he is a full time writer & publisher of Quarry Press. In addition to seven books, Don has written chapters for three books, had 20 articles published in periodicals, delivered presentations at 29 conferences, and received numerous awards. Perhaps his greatest achievements lie in his unwavering faith in God to provide direction and guidance for those who are troubled. He is dedicated to providing tools to help those who struggle with addiction and is committed to using his own talents and experiences to further addiction recovery work. For more than 12 years, Don has worked with Steve Steele with the James Group which meets here. Steve says, “Don has truly been a blessing to the James Group.”


August 9, 2009 PM My Story



Ray WellsRay Wells

Ray served a total of 40 years as pulpit minister in several Texas congregations, one of which was in Jasper where he now lives. Ray is a 1964 graduate of ACU and is married to Sharon, sister of our Glenda Thompson. The Wells have two sons, one daughter, and eight grandchildren.

June 7, 2009 AM Jacob's Vision at Bethal
June 7, 2009 PM Roundup, Rabbits, and Roses
June 14, 2009 AM Red Letter Day
June 14, 2009 PM The Call of God



Charles White



January 17, 2010 AM Four Mysteries John 1:1-14



Doug White



November 6, 2011 PM My Story