PT CRUZERS is our senior adults ministry established at Webb Chapel Church of Christ for those age 55 and older. It is the plan and purpose of this ministry to speak to the validity and worth of senior saints. Emphasis is placed on fellowship, encouragement, compassion and discipleship. Seasonal monthly meetings are held every first Thursday of the month.

STUDIES IN THE BIBLE is a 30-lesson series where we send 3 lessons that can be completed in your own timeframe. There is absolutely no cost as we include self-addressed stamped envelopes to return the completed lessons. We will check your knowledge of what you have studied and return the graded lessons with 3 new lessons. You will not be contacted in any way other than sending you the next set of lessons.
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JAMES GROUP helps people discover who they are intended to be. We help them realize what God intended for them and help them find it, restoring them to a peaceful existence.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE shares Jesus in the community by teaching English and U.S. Citizenship to speakers of other languages who desire to improve their English skills. The class meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Our LADIES MINISTRY is a very active group at Webb Chapel. During the school year, Ladies Bible Study meets at 9:30 AM every Tuesday. We also often have a Ladies Class on Wednesday nights with varying material and great discussion. Our biggest event of the year is a Ladies Day in the Spring, followed by several other gatherings throughout the year. All ladies are encouraged and welcome.

SUMMER LEARNING CAMP: Community involvement during the summer at Webb Chapel has shifted into the Summer Learning Camp. Unlike traditional Vacation Bible Schools, the SLC meets two times per week for six weeks. Each day begins with an assembly followed by break-out sessions which include: one-on-one reading tutoring, fun with science, and character building. Each of the break-out sessions lasts for thirty minutes, and the child rotates through all three sessions per day. When the sessions are completed, a nutritious lunch is served. The SLC is geared towards students going into first, second, and third grades, and the local elementary schools participate in encouraging the student and their families to be involved in the program. There are no charges to the student's family to participate.

Our LOVE & LOGIC ministry participates in partnership with the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School Independent District in hosting seminars for parents of elementary children. Love & Logic is a parenting method pioneered by Foster Cline and Jim Fay that promotes consequences as a better teacher than punishment. Personal accountability for the child is strongly encouraged. These seminars have been held in almost all of the twenty-six elementary schools within the district and the parental involvement in the seminars has been outstanding. Webb Chapel hosts at least four of these five-week seminars each school year.

THE MISSION LEARNING CENTER ministry exists to introduce our youth (3 years old through High School) to the concept of carrying the Word of God to "all nations". The Mission Learning Center is transformed into the country and/or culture being emphasized. Students are taught about the culture through examples of the language, music, and food. A Christ centered lesson, and the Great Commission complete the lesson.

"I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings."

THE CARE GROUPS ministry at Webb Chapel is dedicated to meeting the needs of the Webb Chapel members through the strengthening of our relationships with one another and by providing help in times of need. Everyone at Webb Chapel is part of one of the 9 Care Groups. Each group meets together sometime during the fourth weekend of each month.

THE MISSIONS COMMITTEE consists of members of the Webb Chapel congregation. Its purpose is to ensure that the funding provided by the church for local and international evangelism is allocated in a manner which best spreads the gospel throughout the world. We currently provide monetary support to missionaries in the Ukraine, Mexico, Ecuador, Bermuda and the French speaking countries of Africa and the South Pacific. In addition to missionaries, we also provide funds to organizations such as Nations University, Eastern European Missions and Main Street church of Christ in Dallas, Texas, each dedicated to spreading the gospel.