Building Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and day-to-day care of the building facilities

Coordinator: Steve Steele

Bill Couch

Webb Chapel is a multi-use complex and provides a home base for our daily scheduled ministries. We also provide special use of our facilities for Christian meetings, parties, weddings, funerals, and graduations. Our responsibility requires that we keep these facilities presentable and available for use.

A network of volunteers is needed to ensure each event or activity runs smoothly. For this reason and to avoid conflicts, ALL events must be scheduled through the office. Each event/activity must have scheduled heating or air conditioning, doors unlocked or locked, tables & chairs rearranged and returned to the normal arrangement, and many other considerations.

If you would like to help with any step in this process, please contact Steve or the office.



Maintaining facilities and supporting activities

Custodian: Larry Shipp

Larry Shipp

Larry has worked as custodian since May 2000 after coming to Webb Chapel with his family in December of 1991. Larry provides for the daily needs of the staff while maintaining the facilities. He also assists with special weekday events when a need arises. Additionally, Larry provides support for scheduled events occuring on Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Contracted help assists with heavy-duty work.

Larry is on site during the normal office hours and on Sunday. The contractor is on site on Friday and in the early morning hours when the major facilities are not in use.