Coordinators: Carolyn Fisher, Maricela Obiedo & Steve Steele

We strive to make our members aware of all of the goings-on here at Webb Chapel. The weekly bulletin is our primary means of communicating regular announcements, weekly events, activities, upcoming events, youth events, prayer requests, words of encouragement from our ministers, and our order of worship.  We go the extra mile in making it available to those who missed Sunday services and to those who just want to know what is going on at Webb Chapel by posting the bulletin on-line for all to view. Bulletins are available in Adobe PDF format and can be viewed or downloaded. We try to retain a minimum of two years on-line.

If you have something you would like to appear in the bulletin, the information must be given to the office no later than Thursday morning. The bulletin is printed on Friday morning and no new information can be added.