Two different directories are updated regularly for members only.

We provide two different directories for two needs. The address directory is provided for individuals who send cards for encouragement, birthdays, or just because! It is typically provided once annually. The pictorial directory is provided for members wanting to get to know and identify members visually. It is provided as a full binder directory to allow members to add to and remove as they will when updates are provided on a quarterly basis.


Address Directory

Coordinator: Susie Meyer

Assisting: Maricela Obiedo

This directory is generated from our records that change on a weekly basis. Members are requested to contact the office when any element of their contact information or family information changes. It is updated and emailed to members at least once per year. Printed copies are available on request.


Pictorial Directory

Coordinators: Ken Jones & Susie Meyer

Photographer: Perry Calahan

Ken Jones, Susie Meyer, Perry Callahan

The pictorial directory is designed to help members know each other better. Each family unit is pictured on a separate page in a loose-leaf binder which allows for additions of new members more easily. Updates are made available as information changes and new members are added. The black-and-white directory is published in its entirety in the Webb Chapel office using a program written specifically for the directory by Ken Jones. It also contains additional information on Elders, Deacons, Ministers, ministry leaders, and members offering additional secular services.