Email Groups

Current and past members keeping in touch through email

Webb Chapel has multiple email lists available to current and past members as well as those interested in information regarding church events, announcements, and other news.

  • The main group is WCCC Members, an email group composed exclusively of current members of Webb Chapel.
  • A second popular group is WCCC Members. This list is an online community exclusively for members, past & present, and friends of the Webb Chapel Church of Christ
  • Other email lists are specific to individual groups at Webb Chapel. Members of a ministry, Care Group, etc. comprise the email list for that group.

Note - Both moderators ask that you use your best "netiquette" on these email lists. If not, your address will be removed from the list. These lists are not a place for personal attacks or inflammatory or malicious gossip. Never write anything you would not want everyone to read. Also, please remember that not everyone in the church is on these lists. These email lists are powerful tools for communication, but some people choose not to participate or do not have email.

WCCC Members

Current Webb Chapel Members sharing information

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Ken Jones

Ken Jones is the moderator for WCCC Members This list is for internal member-related announcements and information for current church members. Message content includes but is not limited to announcement of events, reminders of upcoming meetings, uplifting items, requests for help on projects, activities and needs of specific ministries, prayer requests, meetings, notices of someone's illness or memorial service, and requests for personal help.

Ken also is the moderator for all other email lists. Dedicated email lists are in place for Webb Chapel’s Care Group ministry, deacons, elders, and other groups and committees within Webb Chapel. This list is not to be used for events unrelated to the church or for ongoing discussions, advertising, opinion, or conversation.



Current & Past Webb Chapel Members keeping in touch

Coordinator: Delois Francis

Delois Francis

Webb Members is moderated by Delois Francis. Founded in June 2005, this list is an online community exclusively for past & present members, family, and friends of the Webb Chapel Church of Christ — a place to share news, announcements, prayer requests, thanksgiving, and encouragement. To be on this list, one must be approved by the moderator.