Webb Chapel Ministries & Services

We care about you! Become involved in a ministry today! Click the links to learn more. Contact the ministry coordinators to learn how you can help!

Ministries at Webb Chapel are designed to…

equip members with the tools needed to strengthen faith,

provide what is necessary for spiritual growth,

instill knowledge & truth in all ages,

encourage personal development,

strengthen and enhance relationships among members,

reach out to those in need of spiritual, emotional, and physical need,

support the home study of the Bible, God's Word, and

spread God's Word throughout the world.


Our Bible classes are designed to present age-level appropriate, relevant material for everyone from babies through adults.  In each area, a cycle of study of the entire Bible is presented.  The concept of studying the "text in context" is critical to a complete understanding of God's Word.

All the ministries listed below welcome participation! Most of the ministries have a page describing their function and lists the contact person if you would like to more information or to become involved today! You are invited to join us in our endeavor to mature in the faith.



Meeting the spiritual needs of adults and using their knowledge, skills, and talents to further the cause of Christ.

Adult Classes — Studying God's Word textually and topically.

Coordinator: Bert Alexander

Care Groups — Meeting the needs of each other while helping members grow stronger and develop closer relationships.

Coordinators:  David & Lisa Day and Denny & Delois Francis

Fellowship — Providing activities which strengthen relationships


Involvement — Helping members find ministries best suited to their interests and talents.

Coordinators: The Elders

Ladies' Ministry — Utilizing the unique talents of our ladies.

Coordinator: Donna Beam

Men's Ministry — Developing and using the particular talents and strengths of our men.

Coordinator: David Day

Midweek for the Master — Reaching out to encourage and uplift those who are struggling.

Coordinators: Ron & Patti Dunn

PT Cruzers — Providing activities which make use of the availability and talents of the more mature.

Coordinators: Bondey Mays

Solo Senior Saints — Recognizing the value of the more mature singles and encouraging closer relationships.

Coordinators: Ken & Tammy Hodges


Services Behind the Scenes

A lot of work goes into making everything run smoothly!

Assistance for Members — Meeting emergency needs of members

Coordinator: Steve Steele

Assistance for Non-Members — Offering emergency food and clothing to those in need locally

Coordinator: Steve Steele

Attendance Counting — Tracking the numerical growth of the congregation.

Coordinator: Bob Fellers

Building Maintenance — Maintaining & enhancing our facilities and maximizing their long-term usefulness.

Coordinator: Steve Steele

Bulletins — Updating members weekly on activities, needs, & events.

Coordinators: Maricela Obiedo, Carolyn Fisher & Steve Steele

Calendar — Maximizing the effectiveness of ministries by scheduling all activities with minimal time overlap.

Coordinator: Bert Alexander

Directories — Updating member contact information regularly.

Coordinators: Susie Meyer, Maricela Obiedo & Ken Jones

Fellowship Hall Supplies — Ensuring that sufficient supplies are readily available for any event.

Coordinator: Delois Francis

Library — Developing faith through study by providing relevant reference material and children's media.

Coordinator: Lynn Hardin

Teachers' Workroom — Providing teaching aids and supplies to all teachers

Coordinator: Brenda Lowry

Transportation — Ensuring that church-owned vehicles are road-safe and meet State regulations.

Coordinator: Steve Steele spaceAssisting: John Gibbons, Jennifer Rowden


Children & Youth

Instilling love for God and each other while developing a knowledge and understanding of God's Word in our children & youth

Children's Education — Assisting teachers with curriculum development, teaching aids, and teacher placement for children through the 5th grade


WebbKids — WebbKids' mission of "Growing Disciples" is based on four basic principles striving to providing a place where each child can Befriend, Belong, Believe and Become.

Coordinator: Dennis Bartley

Youth Group — Classes and events for youth, 6th grade through high school.

Youth Minister: Hai Cao

Computer IT

Utilizing today's technology to maximize communication, build global communications, and spread God's word throughout the world.

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Email — Providing avenues through which current and past members can keep updated on WCCC activities and happenings.

Coordinators: Ken Jones & Delois Francis

Energy Management System (EMS) — Regulating and tracking HVAC usage to maximize resources and ensure a comfortable environment

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Information Technology — Keeping hardware and software for the computers current and virus free for the office and for the audio ministry.

Coordinator: Ken JonesspaceAssisting: Anthony Bell

Phone Tree — Informing members of events and scheduling changes by phone and email

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Website & Social Networking —Utilizing the internet to "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."

Coordinator: Ken JonesspaceAssisting: Amanda Meyer

In the Community

Reaching out to assist those around us

Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD — Offering limited aid, tutoring, mentoring, and support to students in need at Janie Stark Elementary & Vivian Field Middle School

Coordinators: Bert Alexander, Henry Roncancio & Hai Cao

Brookdale — Providing emotional and spiritual support to the elderly and ill at the Brookdale Retirement Living and Assistance Living center next door

Coordinator: Bert Alexander

Grupo Apoyo — Offering the avenue of discussion to radio listeners & people in the community to deal with difficulties in life

Coordinator: Henry RoncanciospaceAssisting: Ermilo Obiedo

James Group — An independent organization which meets at WCCC facilities (and others), working to help develop self-esteem and the ability to make good choices though a faith-based 12-step program

Coordinator: Steve Steele


Missions – Home-Based Evangelism

Utilizing local resources to further missions

Bible Correspondence Courses — Teaching the truth in a spirit of love through mail correspondence.

Coordinator: Robert Halcomb

Children's Homes — Providing support and interaction between Webb Chapel and faith-based organizations reaching out to children and single parents.

Coordinator: Jeremy Ketchersid

Cross-Cultural Evangelism — Building a bridge between different cultures to strengthen our bond with God

Coordinator: Henry RoncanciospaceAssisting: Bondey Mays & Oscar Mejia

ESL — Teaching English as a Second Language to those wishing to learn or improve their skills.

Coordinator: John GattisSpaceAssisting: Carobeth Bennett

Mission Learning Center (MLC) — Providing a unique way of teaching and training young people that it is God’s plan for the mission of the church to be world-wide.

Coordinators: Lisa White & Sylvia PettySpaceAssisting: Don Cooper


Missions – World Evangelism

Teaching the Word of God far away and close to home

Coordinator: Bob Nienstadt

Bermuda — Thaddeus & Elaine Bruno

Contacts: Jack & Carobeth Bennett

Guyana — Calvin Semple

Contact: Lisa White

French-Speaking World — Barry & Rachel Baggott

Contacts: Dan & Sue Camp

Multimedia Services

Using state-of-the-art technology to teach locally and around the world

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Audio Ministry — Providing audio support for worship services, classes, & special events

Coordinator: Mike Swayne

Multi-media — Computer support in the auditorium to the ministers and congregation

Coordinator: Ken JonesSpaceAssisting: Greg Chandler, Roger Daw & Don Hardin

Tape & CD Ministry — AM & PM sermons and special occasions are captured to record on cassette tapes, CD's, VHS, &/or DVD's and for those who want to listen online at our website.

Coordinator: Bruce Garner

Video Ministry — A service ministry for those seeking a video recording of both English & Spanish events when available.

Coordinators: Ken Jones & Henry Roncancio



Planning uplifting, scriptural worship that praises our God

Coordinator: Greg Hargis

Communion — Preparing and serving the Lord's Supper

Coordinators: David Day & Curtis Forrester

Greeters — Assuring a warm, genuine welcome for all

Coordinators: Herman Cain & Brenda Lowry

Guest Speakers — Scheduling men from area congregations and beyond to guest speak for Sunday services

Bob Neinstadt

Prayer Leaders — Scheduling men to offer Sunday worship prayers

Coordinator: Robert Halcomb

Song Leaders — Ensuring that song leaders are available for every service

Coordinator: Greg Hargis

Ushers — Ensuring orderliness and assisting those who need direction

Coordinator: Bob Fellers