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The evangelism potential of the web is limitless…

Coordinator: Henry Roncancio

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Our Planet Live Radio is a place for Christians to enjoy worldwide fellowship and to meet and make friends with others outside their local churches. Training for volunteers for all positions is provided! No one is expected to know everything right away.The only prerequisite is the desire to help!

On Sunday mornings, our English-language worship service and our Spanish-language worship service are broadcast live on the radio. While Wayne & Lyle were stranded in Ukraine in April of 2010, they listened to the Webb Chapel worship service which, they said, came through "clear as a bell." Those of our members who cannot attend services now can listen to Sunday morning worship on their computers.


Henry has preached on the online radio, and five congregations from Monterrey, Mexico, met at Monte Krystal to listen to the sermon and watch Henry’s powerpoint on screens through Webex. He also began an on-line class on how to set up and coordinate support groups. Members of the church from Mexico, Argentina, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, and Guatemala attended the class via computer. The class will be broadcast weekly for three months.

Every day, the times at 10 AM and at 2 PM are reserved for on-line prayer. Requests for prayers may be sent to the office while listeners around the world can send their requests on line. Henry leads the prayer sessions. On Monday through Thursday, Bert assists Henry with the prayer sessions. Others assist depending on their availability.

The evangelism potential of the web is limitless. Already, contacts have been made on every continent. Relationships are being established through which those we never would meet otherwise can be taught the Truth. Sessions in English are being planned by Steve Steele. The 24-hour schedule has room for many more programs.

We need faithful Christians who will step forward and help with this work.
Please prayerfully consider being a part of this global outreach.

The first Webb Chapel bulletin article for our Internet Radio program appeared in November 2009 stating…

The First Week. We have just completed the first week of live on-line radio webcasting. Last Monday, we started a morning Spanish program, “Get Connected in the Morning,” through which we are encouraging people to start their day with a clear connection with God and His people.

Our webcast can be heard on every morning from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Last Sunday, we also presented a radio workshop on Internet Evangelism, and on Tuesday and Thursday, we had Bible studies based on Romans and Galatians. Through these programs, we contacted people from Los Angeles and Lubbock (USA); Matamoros, Ciudad Valles, Campeche, and Monterrey (Mexico); Edmonton (Canada); Tegucigalpa (Honduras); and Santiago e Iquique (Chile). The number of radio fans in our Facebook page (PlanetaEnVivo Virtual Radio) increased from six to 73. Several of our members have also been participating in our webcast Bible Studies and collaborating with this ministry. We are very grateful for people like Ken Jones and Antonio Acosta who have dedicated many valuable hours to develop the systems and websites we are using. May God bless them. Ermilo Obiedo, Blas Acevedo, Art Garcia, Valerie Roncancio, Alberto Sanchez, Elvia Chavez and Alma Mireles are also helping with our daily programs. But we still need an army of people.

We need English-Speaking people to do talk shows in English, and we need people to promote our programming on their individual web pages. Next week, we will be covering the Hispanic Christian Workers Lectureships from San José, Costa Rica. We are very excited about the doors God can open through these media.
Any suggestions? Any ideas? Please send Henry an email!

Now, almost two years later, the radio program is stronger than ever with many more listeners and programs. The need for speakers and helpers in various languages is still great. Our hope is to eventually fill all live time slots with programs in various languages as an online evangelistic tool to reach out to the world. Volunteers are needed to not only be radio personalities but also work behind the scenes. Those who would like to go on-air are greatly sought after, and those who wish to help behind the scenes are equally important. There is a job for you with Our Planet Live. Numerous topics and ideas are waiting for the personnel to bring them to life.

Radio Session in Progress

If you ever wondered what it would
be like to be a radio personality, this is your chance. Take this opportunity to join us
at Our Planet Live.

Again, training in ALL areas is provided! No one is expected to know everything!
The only prerequisite is...
the desire to help!