The James Group

Restoring broken lives since 1994. Reaching out to seek and save the lost.

Director: Steve Steele

Steve Steele James Group

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."
— Mark 1:17

James Group Ministry is an independent, non-profit organization that teaches a Bible-based recovery process geared to clear the way of living problems so a closer walk with God is achieved. James Group works with any kind of worldly dependency which attempts to block out or replace a relationship with our Creator. Using twelve-step theory, Bible study, and spiritual disciplines, the James Group will pry open a place for God to dwell forever. We are not the answer — He is. It is always our intention, however, to introduce broken people to the Answer and get out of His way.

As a faith-based program, the James Group reaches out to individuals, couples, and families in all age groups and offers caring support and training as they work through a wide range of addiction issues. Without a doubt, addictions and compulsive behaviors ruin the lives of those suffering with addiction, as well as the lives of their families and friends.

Help is offered to those who are earnestly trying to repair broken relationships or coping with losses, whether through divorce or death. In addition, service is extended to those who are dealing with depression, grief, and anxiety that accompany troubled relationships. Those who are suffering from the emotional stress or trauma as a result of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse may also find hope and solutions in the James Group.

How does the James Group help?

Although this is not an extensive list of issues, it does represent some of the more common issues that individuals, couples, and families deal with.

The James Ministry provides a safe place for individuals and families to openly discuss their particular situation without fear or shame. It promotes spiritual and personal growth through…

  • Group meetings offered at various locations
  • Pre-marital classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Individual & personalized classes
  • Teaching, communication, problem solving, and coping skills
  • Personalized attention and support for all age groups
  • Christ-centered 12-step groups dealing with addictions and compulsive behaviors
  • Solution- and prevention-focused workshops and seminars

The James Group reaches out to seek and save the lost.
It reaches in to heal the sick, strengthen the weak, and empower the powerless.

In their own words…

Two ladies discuss what how the James group worked in their lives

On November 3, 1997 at about 4:00 in the afternoon I was blessed with an overdose of heroin; not my first overdose, however, but my most significant. The date, etched in my mind and written on my heart, is vital. Not for you, no doubt, but for me.

I say this particular event was "blessed" because this time, the humiliation, the pain, the worthlessness, the naked truth of what I was not brought me to a place of undeniable defeat, accompanied by a clear humility and start realization that, "No – I could not, I can not – make it on my own." The lie that I told myself always, was revealed. There was no more self-reliance, no more hiding.

There, in the midst of all the clinical probing and legal formalities, I noticed a different touch. A special touch that sent warmth to my broken heart, …they told me of a place could go for help — The James Group.

Of all the light that was shed on me that evening or ever, I allowed in a ray or two of hope. Hope. My heart was pierced. I didn't deserve hope. I didn't deserve forgiveness. But that night, hope is what I was given.

~ Nicole


Our marriage was crumbling… and I didn't know what to do. I was afraid. There had to be someone out there who could help Scott. When he found the James Group, I thought "Good. Things will get better. He's got a problem, but now he's found help." After all – if was HIS problem. Then one day a "James Group–the Other Half" member asked me a very simple question, "Are you the same person with everyone you meet?" I took a breath and thought for a moment and proudly said, "No, I'm not. I adapt myself to wherever that person is in their life and I make myself available for whatever situation they need me in." "How can you possibly know what God wants for those people?", asked my friend. I was in God's way.

I had never thought my life was supposed to have peace. In fact, it had the opposite. I was miserable. Because I was trying to manage so many other lives, my life was full of constant turmoil and chaos. Playing God led to frustration, anger and irritability because no one ever did things the way they were supposed to in my eyes. I felt sad and empty. Maybe I did need God's help.

Not wanting to deny the truth anymore, I came to realize that I didn't REALLY know God, let alone what he wanted for my life. I needed God's perspective, his direction, a road map if you will, for my life. James Group–the Other Half has given me that map. By letting God have the control, I have experienced peace and I am the same person – with everyone I meet.

~ Betsy


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