Monte Krystal & Monterrey

Both cities are located in the Nuevo León state of México

Contact: Henry Roncancio

Henry Roncancio

Webb Chapel started working with the church in Monte Krystal seven years ago. Hai Cao had the initiative to form a partnership with a foreign church to do youth mission work. Therefore, we contacted the Spanish Garden church in Monterrey and decided to start a partnership with them to help with a VBS in a church they were trying to begin, the Monte Krystal church. The vision for this church included building a clinic, developing church leaders to help the local community and other churches in the Mexican Republic, and working with the children at risk in this impoverished neighborhood.

Three years after we began working with them with the annual VBS program, the church officially started in Monte Krystal. They are now over forty members and are deeply involved in the ministry. They have developed three soccer teams with at-risk children and youth from the community. Several of these teens have been baptized, and various parents have started to become very involved also. The leaders are finalizing the necessary paperwork to start a non-profit foundation which can take on the project of the clinic so that it can be a legal and functioning health center in the neighborhood. We have conducted two medical campaigns in the area and are excited about the possibilities for medical missions once the project of the clinic is done. Additionally, several members are taking the Panoramic Study of the Bible, developed by Dan Coker to begin the preparation of leaders in the church. There are three groups of people taking these studies. Webb Chapel is also conducting leadership training seminars.