Mission Learning Center

Children learning Christ's mission through simulation and interaction

Coordinator: Lisa White

Assisting: Don Cooper

Lisa White Don Cooper

The Mission Learning Center is Sunday morning class that rotates between classes for 3 year olds through high school. Its purpose is to teach our children about countries all over the world, encouraging them to go into the world, and spread the gospel. They are taught about different aspects of culture and religion practiced throughout the world and hear the Bible read.


We were transported to the Ukraine in 2012!





Come kids and travel with us to Ukraine a new country with old traditions.  You will follow in the footsteps of our own Wayne White and learn the ways God has used him to minister to the people there.




Generosity begets generosity.  
Experience how God works through Healing Hands and our own hands to bring about new relationships and joy.



Our next Mission Learning Center in the fall will take us to Guyana!

Are you willing to go to the far ends of the earth for Jesus?  Would you journey to places where vehicles can't take you?  Join in the adventure of reaching the Amerindians of Guyana.  These native people live deep in the bush and sleep in hammocks.  Find out why sometimes it is a good idea to"do what the natives do".