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Alberto Hugo Sanchez


Alberto Sanchez

Alberto Hugo Sanchez was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. ALberto began to participate in Grupo Apoyo in 2008. After attending the church of Christ, listening to the Word, and confessing to Christ, he was baptized in 2009. Without any experience in radio or communications, he is now participating actively in Our Planet Live. He is very thankful to God for calling him to be a part of this amazing spiritual family and thanks everyone for accepting him.

Art Garcia


Art Garcia

Born Arthur Antonio Garcia in a small town up in the Texas panhandle of Hereford, “the town without a toothache”, where cattle are king and so are tornadoes. He moved to Dallas/ Ft. Worth in the fall of 1982 and attended Texas Institute, Inc. to pursue a career in Data Processing on IBM Systems. His past full time job at EDS for 26 years, was in the Telecommunications Department as a Multi – Video Technician Analyst & Consultant for The Bank of America in which he enjoyed and loved as a career. In 1986, he started helping Sunday evenings at KNON 89.3 FM and enrolled at Elkins Institute for radio broadcasting in 1987 graduating with honors on April 8, 1988. He worked briefly or part time for several area radio stations including KESS Tejano 1270 AM, 99.1 KICK FM, Super Tejano KXEB 910 AM, and 88.1 The One KNTU FM.

He began to participate in El Grupo De Apoyo (Support Group) in 2008 and then afterward started attending Church of Christ here at Webb Chapel in 2009 and was baptized the spring of that same year. He also volunteers his radio experience at Our Planet Monday thru Friday from 6:00 AM till 12:00 PM and assists Henry in broadcasting additional classes during the week on Our Planet The moral of it all if you want something, believe in yourself, be confidant, pursue it, and don’t delay your dream or time will pass you by.

Blas Manuel Acevedo


Blas Acevedo

Blas “Blasman” Acevedo came to Webb Chapel in 2003 where he was baptized. Blas began his radio career by accident in 2005 first on 990AM, a radio program “Chile Tomate y Cebolla” for children. He was visiting his friend, Ermilo Obiedo, and one day they asked him to sit in. He has been sitting in ever since! The show moved to 1440AM for a period of time before going off the air.

He now plays a major role in organizing, directing, and producing programs based here at Webb Chapel.

Ermilo Obiedo


Ermilo Obiedo

Ermilo Obiedo has a 25-year career on radio in Dallas-Fort Worth. His voice has been a tradition in our city in its timeslot and has made us think, speak, and mourn. Regarding the question about what message he sends to the community, Mr. Obiedo replied: "I encourage parents to spend more time with their children and get involved in their lives." Ermilo's conversion to Christianity has given a new perspective, the ability to be more sensitive and raise awareness about the suffering of others.