Tapes & CD's, VHS & DVD's

Recording sermons & special events to make them available to all

Coordinator: Bruce Garner

Deacon: Mike Swayne

A recording reel used in the 70's

The audio ministry began in the late 70's with recordings being done on reels. In 1980, the ministry was modernized to be able to record sermons for use on cassette tapes. Gradually, technology allowed us to add a full complement of options. As of 2010, we are now able to record and offer for purchase cassette tapes or CD's of each Sunday sermon, both morning and evening, and select special occasions. Sermons are recorded and placed on our website for your listening pleasure and to enable those who missed a sermon to hear the message as it was presented in worship service. Certain events also are recorded for VHS or DVD.

Today's recording media

Special events require prior arrangements and are often recorded on DVD for a set fee to cover time and expenses. Call the office at least 2 weeks in advance so we can prepare to record the event. Obviously, some occasions, such as funerals, do not allow for much warning. Please contact us as soon as arrangements are made, and we will make every effort to be ready.

Should you desire to purchase a copy of a service, envelopes are available at the Information Desk in the foyer. Fill out the information requested, and place the envelope in the box provided on the information desk. Once your order has been processed and filled, you will be able to pick it up at the same desk. Presently, there are no price changes for bulk purchases. Contact the office if you have any questions.

  • Cassettes — $2.00
  • CD's — $3.00
  • VHS — $4.00
  • DVD's — $5.00