Assuring safe, dependable vehicles for church-related events

Coordinator: Steve Steele

Assisting: John Gibbons & Jennifer Rowden

PDF: WCCC Automotive Expectations & Guidelines

Steve Steele

The many activities and events in which our youth group and adults are participants necessitate the use of multi-passenger vehicles. Webb Chapel currently has two busses and two vans for use for church-related activities. For many years, Bob has been diligent is seeing that the vehicles meet State regulations and that they are in the best condition possible to ensure the safety of the passengers. Bob spends many of his Saturdays on vehicle maintenance duties, thus assuring that the work is done well and also making maintenance funds available for use in other areas. He freely uses his knowledge, time, and skills to assure that vehicles meet road safety standards and insurance safety requirements.


Several vehicles are used constantly and drivers are always needed

Vehicle drivers must meet standards set by the State and by our insurance company. Drivers of the two vans and the smaller bus must meet the age requirement of our insurance company and must have completed a driving safety course within the last four years. Documentation must be on file in the church office.


Sunday Morning Rides

Coordinators: Jim & Dee Ellison

Jim & Dee Ellison

Webb Chapel enjoys a close relationship with Forest Dale Apartments & The Pegasus through the members of the congregation that reside there. For many years, a van from Webb Chapel has gone to Forest Dale Apartments and later The Pegasus to pick up members who may not be able to attend otherwise. John Lamb was the only driver for many years but has since retired from the position. The need for drivers was filled by the Ellisons who have continued to provide a loving experience to and from morning services.