The Video Ministry is a service ministry for those seeking a video recording of both English & Spanish events where available

Coordinators: Ken Jones & Henry Roncancio

Ken Jones Henry Roncancio

Those in this ministry have a chance to put their skills to work by means of recording sermons and songs of praise and sharing God's Word.  This ministry also feeds video to all areas of the facility for viewing when members cannot attend the actual service (i.e., in the nurseries or other areas).  The recording is either captured on VHS or DVD as an optional means of viewing pleasure. Like the Audio Ministry, the Video Ministry also is offered to the sick and shut-ins. Video editing and production are done for conversion to DVD or VHS formats. If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Ken Jones or Henry Roncancio for more information.

  • VHS — $4.00
  • DVD — $5.00