Website & Social Networking

Reaching out to those online through this website, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

Coordinator: Ken Jones

Ken Jones

Our website is live form of communication with a purpose to share information to all that seek to walk with and serve the Lord. Ken has been organizing content for the website for the past 10 years and continues to place more information on it as technology challenges our society with new ways to spread the Gospel.

Social networking sites have only grown in popularity, and there is no end in sight. We hope to use this medium to reach out to those we normally would not be able to find. Many hours have gone into the various projects, and constant updates are made to each as needed. Help is always needed and very welcome. Speak to Ken Jones if you wish to assist in any way!



Assisting: Amanda Meyer & Henry Roncancio

Amanda Meyer Henry Roncancio

The Webb Chapel website features close to 100 pages with 200 pictures and images detailing the various ministries, happenings, and events — past, present, and future — as well as the people behind such projects. Visitors and members alike can see what is going on at Webb Chapel and see who they can speak to if they wish to participate in any number of events. Amanda works on, and Henry handles our internet radio program sites.

<p>Thousands of lines of code and <em>countless hours</em> have been spent ensuring the most current information is listed. Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to the <a href="../contact/index.html#webmaster">webmaster</a>. Yes, the code is shown here on purpose so you can see a sample!</p>



Event updates and announcements are sent regularly

Assisting: Greg Hargis

Webb Chapel Facebook Group


Facebook is second only to Google in number of worldwide internet visits. In just over 6 years of operation, Facebook celebrates over 500 million active users. Social networking has become mainstream and has changed the way people communicate forever.

For every major event at Webb Chapel, Greg sends announcements and invitations to every member of the page. Any member is then free to forward the invitation to any member of their network taking "Ask your friends & neighbors to attend" to a whole new level. Join our page today and start spreading the Word!


We recently added another Facebook page! Webb Chapel Updates is a page you can "Like" and where you will find updates from the office and other members who choose to post. Many of the activities at WCCC will be posted here and you will be able to share these event notices with your friends and invite them to attend! If you would like to add our page badge to your site, click here for a txt document with the generated code... right-click and choose Select All to copy the text. Add it to any website!

You do not need a Facebook account to view this page or our pictures, but if you would like to comment on or share anything, you will need to open a free account and Like our page. For those with smart phones and the Facebook Places app, this page will show your check-ins! Facebook encourages you to "use Places on or the Facebook App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, HP webOS or Windows Phone 7."

Many pictures have been added and more will be uploaded as time allows. We actively try to tag the people in the pictures but are limited to those who are on a friend's list of the page admins. If you are not being tagged, pick the admin of your choice and send a friend request. And if you would like to not be tagged in future, please let us know asap. We will do our best to honor your request! Tagged pictures are another way you can encourage those on your friend's list to attend WCCC and to start conversations with those who are still searching.


Class announcements, website updates, & general notes

Assisting: Chris Faulkner

Chris Faulkner

Founded soon after Facebook's popularity began to explode, Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world listing 100 million members and has created several new terms that have become mainstream. Twitter allows people to send brief statements, 140 characters or less, called tweets. Facebook encourages members to "Like" certain pages while Twitter encourages members to "Follow" pages. Those who follow pages can repeat messages sent by those they follow called retweets.

You can view our page without having a Twitter account, however, if you do have an account, the updates we send (and anyone else you choose to follow) will be collected on your personal homepage. Those with text messaging plans can text "follow webbchapel" to 40404 to receive every message as a text, standard rates apply!



Videos of sermons, classes, and special events

Assisting: Amanda Meyer


Founded in 2005, YouTube is a video-sharing network and quickly became the 3rd most visited site in the world. Google purchased the site a year later, and videos uploaded provide a vast range of styles. Most videos do not require an account to view, but leaving comments or ratings do require an account.

Our YouTube site is a work in progress. We hope to post videos of sermons, classes, and other events soon to allow others to see Webb Chapel in action. Henry Roncancio, Ken Jones, & Valerie Roncancio are our video making experts. Questions about YouTube or our channel can be directed to Amanda but all video information will come from Henry & Ken. If you have a YouTube account, we encourage you to subscribe to our channel. Watch the bulletin for updates when videos start being posted.