Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make our site as easy as possible to navigate and answer any question that may arise. Here you'll find some FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please contact the webmaster and we will help you to the best of our abilities. We want to make this list as comprehensive as possible, and we welcome your feedback.


Viewing our site

Browsers, Google Translate, icons, audio files, PDFs…

 What is the best browser to use?

It's always best to use the most current version of your favorite browser. The way web sites are built changes as technology and codes advance. Current versions of your browser will allow you to better view any web page as older browser versions are simply not able to translate some of the progress being made. Today's current PC browsers are Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. For the Mac users, please visit Google's Chrome for Mac page or Apple's Safari. (Note: Our webmaster is not a Mac user. If another browser should be listed here, please contact the webmaster.

 I have the current version of my browser and am still having trouble. What now?

Try clearing your history and cache. Sounds silly, we agree. This will sometimes "reset" your browser, and it will look at the page with "new eyes." If this doesn't help, contact our webmaster. Be sure to include your OS (Operating System), which browser & version you are using, and what specifically you are having trouble viewing. We will do our best to help!

 Why is there a Google Translate menu on every page?

We want to ensure that every visitor to our site is able to read the information regardless of his/her primary language. The best way to accomplish this task was to add Google Translate to our pages and let Google do the heavy lifting. As with any automatic translation, some phrases do not always translate properly.

 How does Google Translate work?

We'll let Google explain…
"A banner prompting the user to translate the page will be shown at the top of the page when a user's browser user interface language is different than than the language of the web page.
When a user translates a page, the website translator sends the text of the web page to Google's translation service and displays the translated text without reloading or redirecting users from the page.
If the user clicks on a link in the translated page and the linked web page has the website translator embedded in it, the linked web page will also be automatically translated for the user. Otherwise, the original web page without translations will be shown."

To remove the translation, you can click "Show Original" in the top right side of the banner or click the close ("x") button, also in the top right. The banner does push the page down and will make the "Webb Chapel Church of Christ" title unreadable unless you scroll over it with your mouse. This is regrettable but unavoidable.

Note: Every page of this site should have the translator embedded. Please contact the webmaster if you discover a page without the translator. Any other issue with Google Translator should be addressed to Google.

 What do the various icons mean on some of the pages?

Scripture verse — displayed when you can scroll over either the image or the verse and see the text of the verse. In most cases, the scripture will be the New International Version, occasionally the King James Version.

Audio File — displayed when there is an audio file. When you see this icon, you can use the Yahoo audio player in the lower left to browse the available titles on that page or save the file to listen later.

Navigating our site

Site & page organization…

 How is the site organized?

We've divided our site into 6 sections…
Home – Basic information and upcoming event highlights
About – Information on our history, our beliefs, and our people
Ministries – Summaries of each of our many ministries with links to detailed pages
Members – Bulletins, calendars, and a future Members-Only section
Español – Information on our Spanish ministry
Resources – Links to helpful sites on the Internet
Contact – Worship & class times as well as our contact information

If you want a breakdown of specific information included in each section, our Site Map has links to every page located in our site. This may be your best option if you are looking for a specific page and are not sure where it is located.

 How is each section & page organized?

Each tab has a homepage with an overview of the section and links (on the right sidebar) to the pages listed in that section.

Many pages have a "Page Highlights" on the right side that will help you skip ahead through longer pages. Some pages have a related pages section with links to pages in other sections that are closely related to that page and may be of interest.