Library – Steve Mankin and David Day

Significant Others: Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors

Continuing our study of other religions based on this book and video series by Monte Cox to understand other beliefs so that we can better engage our non-Christian friends.

Room 10/11 – Greg Hargis and Tom Williams

The Blessing

What is your understanding of the blessing? In Old Testament times it was deeply longed for. Today, all of us want to be accepted by others, but this yearning is especially true in our relationship with our parents. Missing out on the blessing from our parents can have a tremendous effect on our relationships with others for the rest of our lives.

In this video study, we will learn the 5 elements of the blessing, and how to pass the blessing on to our children, spouses, parents, and friends. We will also learn what we can do if we missed out on a blessing from our parents. Come learn how we can bless one another.

Room 14/15 – Greg Chandler and Shawn Sutherland

How Did We Get Here?

Genesis is full of stories that we teach our children, but in those stories we find the roots of most of the Christian doctrines. We’ll examine those stories for what they teach us about God, ourselves, and how we relate to God and each other.

Room 16 – Bert Alexander

Answers from the Minor Prophets for Today’s Problems

Today’s headlines barrage us with the failures of our society. Ironically, over twenty-five centuries ago, a group of social critics took aim at the shortcomings of their nation and people. Rather than protest, they preached a simple message over and over again: Repent! The real cure for the ills of our culture is the same as it ever was: each individual must return to God.

1825 – David Bates

Practical Christianity

For young adults, discussing and practicing how to be IN the world, but not OF the world.

Tuesday Morning - Ladies Bible Class


Why would we study the book of Judges? There are many lessons we can take away from the book the most important one being, “No matter how often or how far we stray, God always provides a way for us to be reconciled with him.” God does not give up on his children.

Tuesday morning LBS resumes Tuesday, September 11 at 9:30 a.m. and meets each Tuesday thereafter except November 20 concluding on December 11.

Wednesday Evening – Paul Cartwright

Events in the Life of Jesus